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Welcome to

Kim Dominic Stained Glass Academy 

Join us for a stained and fused glass class. We offer One Day, Two to Six Week Saturday classes.

Students of all levels are welcome.

Where People Who Love Art Gather

Stained Glass Art?

People generally consider “glass” as difficult or unsafe to handle. Stained glass is a unique medium of art, loved and utilized by artists and artisans for centuries. The stained glass art is known for its mystical dimension in which the balance of light and darkness converge with the spectrum of colors. When glass pieces come together as a single artwork and unite with light, it is finally reborn with its inherent beauty. Imagine sitting next to your beautiful stained glass window, sipping your favorite tea or coffee while the sun sets. How about lighting your self-made Tiffany lamp next to your comfy couch and recalling your old memories?

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Tiffany Lamp Class (TBD)

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